Good news: We can support your masks demand now!!!

global demand for supplies used by our customers to treat and help protect people, such as respirators, is currently exceeding supply. best technology expects demand for respirators to outpace supply for the foreseeable future.

disposable face mask
disposable face mask

throughout all the recent developments, best technology is working hard to uphold the commitments we made to supporting your business. we are very focused on protecting the health and safety of our workforce while maintaining the ability to keep serving you.

飞艇计划5码计划with more than 10 years of domain expertise in the industries we serve, we are here to help you adjust to whatever may happen next.  

飞艇计划5码计划the covid-19 pandemic continues to affect all of us, and all best technology colleagues are working around-the-clock to help provide critical tools for the fight. our current focus: supporting health care and front-line workers as well as our regular and new customers around the world by providing products they need to help protect their lives.

we are seriously in choosing partners who can provide various kinds of respirators as well as medical products:

the partners who can double their global output rate to nearly 100 million respirators per month are in our priority;

also, we anticipate doubling global capacity of our partners to almost 2 billion respirators in the next 12 months.  

飞艇计划5码计划we have not increased the prices we charge for our respirators in this crisis.

KN95 face mask
KN95 face mask

our efforts are guided by our value of caring – for our people and their families, our consumers, and importantly, for those most in need right now. we want to share a few of the ways that we are responding to this global health crisis.

飞艇计划5码计划if it’s difficult for you to find protection devices, such as face mask( and ),,  (), , , , , , , , we are glad to support you.

(for more information, you can refer to: .)

飞艇计划5码计划moreover, after our efforts, all of our face masks, kn95 masks and all of other medical products have passed gb2626-2006 and ce standard. you can also find out the certificates from the above website.

飞艇计划5码计划anything i can do for you? if there is a need, contact us anytime. our sales team will be here to reply you instantly. please keep safe and take good care of yourself and your families. come on, our friends, wish the pandemic will end asap and everything can return to normal soon.

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What China’s corona virus response can teach the rest of the world?

飞艇计划5码计划q: what can other countries learn from the way china has approached covid-19?

a: social distancing is the essential strategy for the control of any infectious diseases, especially if they are respiratory infections. first, we used “non-pharmaceutical strategies”, because you don’t have any specific inhibitors or drugs and you don’t have any vaccines. second, you have to make sure you isolate any cases. third, close contacts should be in quarantine: we spend a lot of time trying to find all these close contacts, and to make sure they are quarantined and isolated. fourth, suspend public gatherings. fifth, restrict movement, which is why you have a lockdown, the cordon sanitaire in french.

q: the lockdown in china began on 23 january in wuhan and was expanded to neighboring cities in hubei province. other provinces in china had less restrictive shutdowns. how was all of this coordinated, and how important were the “supervisors” overseeing the efforts in neighborhoods?

a: you have to have understanding and consensus. for that you need very strong leadership, at the local and national level. you need a supervisor and coordinator working with the public very closely. supervisors need to know who the close contacts are, who the suspected cases are. the supervisors in the community must be very alert. they are key.

q: what mistakes are other countries making?

a: the big mistake in the u.s. and europe is that people aren’t wearing masks. this virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact. droplets play a very important role—you’ve got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth. many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. if they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others.

wear mask
wear mask

飞艇计划5码计划q: what about other control measures? china has made aggressive use of thermometers at the entrances to stores, buildings, and public transportation stations, for instance.

a: yes. anywhere you go inside in china, there are thermometers. you have to try to take people’s temperatures as often as you can to make sure that whoever has a high fever stays out.

and a really important outstanding question is how stable this virus is in the environment. because it’s an enveloped virus, people think it’s fragile and particularly sensitive to surface temperature or humidity. but from both u.s. results and chinese studies, it looks like it’s very resistant to destruction on some surfaces. it may be able to survive in many environments. we need to have science-based answers here.

take temperature
take temperature

飞艇计划5码计划q: people who tested positive in wuhan but only had mild disease were sent into isolation in large facilities and were not allowed to have visits from family. is this something other countries should consider?

a: infected people must be isolated. that should happen everywhere. you can only control covid-19 if you can remove the source of the infection. this is why we built module hospitals and transformed stadiums into hospitals.

we know it’s difficult for most of people around the word to find protection devices, such as face mask, non-surgical isolation gown , medical gowns, protective coveralls, surgical cap, surgical dress, medical gloves, safety goggles, surgical helmet, infrared thermometers, please contact our sales, we will be glad to support you.

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Measures China took to fight against the COVID-19

飞艇计划5码计划china’s fight against covid-19 epidemic has achieved victory at this stage. infected patients were found in 337 cities in china but now only 28 cities remaining patients in cure. so far till march 31st, there were 82545 confirmed cases in china, while 76225 cured and only 3006 remaining now. most importantly, many of the areas finds only one figure number increase and others stop increasing for quite some days. if the first half of covid-19 fighting is inside china national territory, the second half will be on the international stages while noticeable growth on covid-19 infected cases are spreading all over the world now.

corona virus updates
corona virus updates

飞艇计划5码计划best technology has been collecting the measures in china on epidemic controls so in order to provide a more objective and useful reference for overseas professionals which we hope they could refer to and protect better themselves from the covid-19.

governmental measures

飞艇计划5码计划during the height of the outbreak, trains didn’t stop at the disease’s epicenter, wuhan

Wuhan trains
Wuhan trains

飞艇计划5码计划trains, as well as other tightly packed forms of transportation, can serve as vectors of illness. the more people, the more closely packed, and the more poorly ventilated the space, you can imagine that’s a bad situation because there are a ton of people, they’re in very close quarters, and they’re a totally captive audience. cutting off transportation was considered on the top three measures to contain the spread of the virus.

china built new hospitals in a rush, with workers toiling night and day to get them done.

China Newly-built Hospitals
China Newly-built Hospitals

飞艇计划5码计划 china built two new 1,000-1,300-bed hospitals to fight the corona virus, one created in six days, and the second in 15 days, using prefabricated modules.

corona virus testing was easily accessible and free

Corona virus testing
Corona virus testing

飞艇计划5码计划in china, patients who were confirmed to have the corona virus were either sent to an isolation center or hospital. the government also made clear that testing for the new virus was free, and covid-19-related charges that weren’t covered by a person’s insurance would be paid for by the government.

the country implemented large-scale contact tracing in the early 2000s

Contact tracing
Contact tracing

during the sars outbreak in 2002-2003, china set up large-scale surveillance systems that included contact tracing, a front-line public-health strategy that involves identifying and following up with people who may have come into contact with an infected person.

the country postponed non-urgent medical care and moved many doctor’s visits online. not all patients were given the critical care they needed during the outbreak, though

Doctor's online visit
Doctor’s online visit

飞艇计划5码计划in china, elective surgeries and other non-critical doctors’ visits were delayed, and many medical services were moved online. someone in one place said 50% of their consultations are now done online; they just moved a whole bunch of what was normally done physically online to be able to keep the regular health services going.

centers for disease control exploring a way of therapeutic plan combing traditional chinese medicines and western medicines.

 Traditional Chinese medicines treatment
 Traditional Chinese medicines treatment

the combination of traditional chinese medicines and western medicines had been proven effective on the sars fights. doctors of traditional chinese medicines had volunteered for consulting and participating into the virus fights.

china used technology that aims to trace every single covid-19 case

civilian measures

traditional epidemic prevention manufacturers speed up and similar production lines integrating to make more necessary products

mask production line
mask production line

飞艇计划5码计划many medicinal and pharmaceutical substances manufacturers launched automation assemble lines and increase manpower to speed up the mass production of necessary drugs, masks, ventilators to meet the huge consumption during virus fighting. many of these companies arranged 24-hour shifts for maximizing the production.

meanwhile other manufactures such as automotive oem had change their assemble line into masks productions machines.

飞艇计划5码计划at the blast of covid-19, returning chinese carrying back epidemic products from overseas as much as they can

 epidemic products brought by overseas Chinese
 epidemic products brought by overseas Chinese

returning travelers carried extra masks on their flights back to china and donated them to the hospital and governments in need. some overseas chinese unions also had helped ordering these products and sending to china.

飞艇计划5码计划chinese citizens did their part to curb the disease’s trajectory on an individual level, too, though we may never know the true scale of their complaints or sacrifices in this outbreak.

China's road
China’s road

in contrast to reports in the us of people clamoring over the last hand-sanitizer, the attitude of people in china was that they were all in this together. people stay at home for self-quarantine, lockdown and response to the postpone returning to work and school.

people who thought they might have the corona virus could go to one of the nation’s many fever clinics

fever clinics
fever clinics

飞艇计划5码计划people who thought they had the novel corona virus in china would often be sent to a special fever clinic, which have been widespread since the country dealt with an aggressive sars outbreak in 2002. their temperature would be taken, and they’d discuss their symptoms, medical history, travel history, and any prior contact with anyone infected with a doctor.

if necessary, patients might receive a ct scan, which is one way to do an initial screening for covid-19. each machine did maybe 200 a day. 5-10 minutes/scan. a typical hospital in the west does one or two an hour.

people quickly shifted jobs in order to assist during the outbreak


飞艇计划5码计划when it came to the non-medical response, there was a nationwide sense of solidarity with hubei. other provinces sent 40,000 medical workers to the center of the outbreak, many of whom were volunteers.

workers in transportation, agriculture, and clerical positions were encouraged to new positions such as delivery, courier and epidemic prevention manufacturing, too.

while staying home, it’s been relatively easy for chinese people to get extra food and supplies

Enough food
Enough food

china essentially mandated a country-wide shut down, demanding that every chinese resident stay home until the curve was flattened. but in west, unlike china, a country-wide shutdown would be difficult to enforce.

fifteen million people had to order food online. it was delivered. yes, there were some screw-ups. but few said: every now and again there’s something missing from a package, but food supply is pretty much normal via ordering online.

we know it’s difficult for most of people around the word to find protection devices, such as , , , , , , , , , , please contact our sales, we will be glad to support you.

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How to inspect trip force of metal domes?

If you would like to know trip force, rebound/return force, and travel of metal dome, a metal dome inspection instrument-load curve measuring instrument is required.

circle metal domes
circle metal domes

Load curve measuring instrument is a very important quality inspection tool. Generally, we will inspect trip force of metal dome before delivery to guarantee quality. The load curve measuring instrument uses a high-precision force sensor to sense the change of the trip force of metal dome, and obtains a completely accurate load curve by computer processing, then prints out data such as trip force, rebound/return force, travel and so on.

four-leg metal domes
four-leg metal domes

Best Technology has been adhering to the principle of quality first and we are dedicated to providing our customers with best services and metal dome飞艇计划5码计划 with best quality.

If you have any needs, feel free to contact us飞艇计划5码计划. We have online customer service for 24 hours.

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Do You Want to Use Less LED on Your Metal Dome Array Project?

For charger, where the indicating lights lies, where the light guide film(lgf) functions.Nowadays, many lights adopt LED with smt technology in new type.In order that light can be emitted from PCB to the product shell without too much consumption, then the light guide film(lgf) is used.

At the point, one layer of light guide film(lgf) is added to the metal dome array with general double-layer structure or EMI structure, for achieving good light ray distribution effect.

Here is the operating principle of light guide film(lgf):with reflection and refraction of light, and combining with specialized optical software design, micro-structure treatment is carried out on optical fibre film, so that “point light source”is expanded to “area source”. Light beam spreads from medium in proper angle and density and gives out light evenly. Light guide film(lgf)飞艇计划5码计划 design can reduce the use of several LED lights, and solve problems such as uneven brightness distribution, high electricity consumption, big room space requirements and high cost.

Features of light guide film(lgf):

1.good lighting result, even luminance and high intensity of light;

2. soft, flexibility and elasticity, thickness is about 0.125mm which does not need too much space;

3. save led & power consumption, two led will be enough for small area mobile phone lgf;

4. no special request for electrical trace;

5. long durability, the life cycles can reach up to 1 million times.

6. When assembly with metal dome array, light guide film(lgf)飞艇计划5码计划 will not affect the clicking feeling.

7. great stability, easy for assembly.

Specifications of light guide film(lgf):

structure: double-layer

Material: Light Guide Film(lgf)+ ?EMI? + Mylar + Adhesive + Spacer + Adhesive + metal domes


mylar: transparent;

spacer: white or transparent


飞艇计划5码计划mylar: 0.05mm;

spacer: 0.075mm

light guide film(lgf)
light guide film(lgf)

Application of light guide film(lgf):

飞艇计划5码计划keypad backlight; notebook computer keyboard backlight; notebook touch pad and hotkey luminous module; luminous logo; any electronic products requiring backlight.

If you have any queries or comments about metal dome array, light guide film(lgf), contact us飞艇计划5码计划 anytime and we are very willing to help.

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Special Women’s Day Gift for Girls in Best Technology

Tomorrow March 8th飞艇计划5码计划, 2020 will be the Women’s Day! As it’ll be Sunday, so everyone in Best Technology get the gift today: One box of facial mask, one bottle of eye cream, and one bottle of moisturizer


飞艇计划5码计划we hope every lady in best technology keep happy, beautiful, while they’re working so hard, even working in middle night, in order to give our customers immediate reply. this is one of reason why you can see email reply within one hour sometimes even in the evening!


飞艇计划5码计划it’s the first time that every girl in best technology take a photo with a face mask! everyone in best technology want the corona-virus to be finished asap, so that everyone doesn’t need to have a face mask and global economic turn back to normal level. at that time, we can take a photo again so that you can see the smiling face of our girls? and we believe that day will come in soon!

If you want to see more of us, welcome to visit Best Technology, probably since April, everything will be turn back to normal. And of course, if you want to order some metal dome, metal dome array飞艇计划5码计划, you don’t need to wait for April, you can start it right now! 🙂

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The status quo of Chinese society under Coronavirus spreading

this is another test for china and the world community after sars. at this moment, any slamming, taunting, fanning, and gloating are all manifestations of lack of humanity. the virus does not recognize the country, nation, race, rich or poor. there is no difference in virus transmission.

China’s powerful system and the effective measures it has taken to prevent and control novel coronavirus-related pneumonia are rarely seen in the world, Director-General of the United Nations’ World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Tuesday.

Ghebreyesus made the remarks while meeting with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing.

The WHO and the international community highly appreciates, and fully affirms the decisive measures the Chinese government has taken to deal with the outbreak and also thank China for its tremendous efforts to curb the spread of the contagion, he said.

China set a record in identifying the pathogen in a short time following the outbreak of the contagious disease, Ghebreyesus said, and he praised the country’s timely sharing of the virus’ DNA information with the WHO and other countries.

you can see more report details from who

WHO Meeting with China leaders

i don’t know the source of the so-called news of many foreign friends. as a chinese, i saw the initial panic, and i also saw the current stability.

Working together

In response to the GVM’s call, the school has delayed the start of school, and most companies have extended the Spring Festival holiday from original Feb 2nd to Feb 9th and resume on Feb 10th飞艇计划5码计划. This is not a sign of lack of confidence in controlling the virus, it is one of the measures to put people’s lives first.

everyone knows that this is the most effective way to control the spread of the virus.

飞艇计划5码计划i went to supermarkets, fruit shops, etc., and there was no snap-up like it was fabricated by some media. prices have not skyrocketed. the price department is also strictly controlling the prices of daily necessities to protect people’s daily lives.

relevant departments have made the unified deployment of some protective supplies such as masks to ensure timely and adequate supply. which country can make such an appropriate response in the first place?

飞艇计划5码计划it’s really boring to stay at home every day, but who wants to joke with life? as someone who is very busy working every day, having more time to spend with his family may also be a good thing. after all, too many people complain that the spring festival holiday in just a few days is not long enough.

飞艇计划5码计划the internet is well developed. although i can’t meet my relatives, friends, colleagues to celebrate the spring festival, isn’t it convenient for video chat, using wetchat of facetime for people around the word? why not give up the temporary joy in exchange for the safety of life?

飞艇计划5码计划we are very grateful to the medical staff, community service staff, and social service staff who gave up their holidays and took great risks in helping patients, maintaining social stability and creating a more secure environment.

飞艇计划5码计划i am grateful for living in such a country. i believe that every chinese thinks so.

飞艇计划5码计划in such a severe situation, in order to eliminate the virus as quickly as possible and ensure the safety of people’s lives, any measures are reasonable.

every chinese should understand and understand. 

people of all countries in the world who have experienced various natural and man-made disasters should marvel at china’s timely and effective measures.

飞艇计划5码计划as an international trade practitioner, i have sincerely explained to each of my customers our current status. we don’t need to whitewash or conceal anything, because we have done our best to do a good job.

飞艇计划5码计划i believe that the chinese people will be able to eliminate the disease as soon as possible. because we eliminated more severe sars than this time in 2003, didn’t we?

Here everyone in Best Technology in China was in good health condition, and our office & facility will be opened on Feb 10th. During that period, our sales reps. will try to reply the email ASAP and thanks for the caring from all of our customers around the word! Much appreciated!

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Utilizing Metal Domes in Your Keypad Design

If you’re in the market for custom silicone keypad that require a tactile response, you may consider metal domes. They’re ideal for this type of application, comprised of durable stainless steel and featuring several different coating options that impact resistance. Formerly, these domes used a flex circuit, PCB (printed circuit board), or membrane switch.

metal dome

metal dome

Types of Metal Domes

Today, Best Technology installs these domes utilizing a metal dome array – a double-sided adhesive that holds the metal domes which can easily peel away from a liner and attach all of the domes to the circuit precisely.

There are four main types of metal domes:





  1. Circle Metal Domes

Circle metal domes are, indeed, circular, and may also be referred to as round metal domes or circle tactile domes. They’re ideal for applications requiring a low profile switch under a membrane overlay. Not only do circle domes have a longer life cycle than triangle domes, they cost about the same. A circle dome measures between 3mm to 20mm in diameter, with a range of force of 100-60 gf.

  1. Four-Leg Metal Domes

Also known as the cross metal dome, four-leg metal domes are used in applications where traces of positive and negatives can be designed underneath the dome on the same side of the circuit. They have a better clicking feel than circle and oblong domes but have a shorter life cycle than circle domes. They’re the tallest of all the domes and should not be used in low-profile applications. They range in size from 5mm-20mm, with a 125-500 gf range of force.

snap dome

snap dome

  1. Triangle Domes

Triangle domes also have a good click feeling but have limitations when it comes to space. Used in applications that require large activation forces, triangle domes range up to 6,000 gf. They feature legs, which means they can be mounted to the circuit board without needing adhesive. The result? These domes can be used in high-temperature applications. They have a range of size between 5mm-13mm.

  1. Oblong Metal Domes

Also known as oval or rectangle metal domes, these are used on low profile switches on circuit boards with little to no room. This is where their long and narrow shape comes in handy. The dome size varies between 3mm X 4mm up to 51 mm X 13.70mm, featuring a force range between 100 and 500 gf.

It seems there are always new kinds of metal domes becoming available every year, with features such as backlighting for circuit boards with center mounted LEDs. You can even get custom-built metal domes on request. Here at Best Technology, we have experience with all types of metal domes, as well as custom dome arrays.

Contact Best Technology

If you would like a quote on metal domes, contact us anytime and our sales representative will reply you at our earliest convenience.

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How to Assemble Dome Array on PCB Firmly?

Some customers may come across the problems that they can’t assemble the dome array on PCB firmly. I think this may be caused by the followings:

Assemble Dome Array on PCB

assemble dome array on pcb

first, there are some dust and stains on the pcb, so the pcb must be clear;

Second, the forceps or other toolings should be used to peel off the protective film of dome array飞艇计划5码计划, please don’t use the hand directly;

third, please press slightly after you stick it on the pcb.

Via the above three steps, I think the dome array will be firmly assembled on your PCB.

metal dome array

飞艇计划5码计划metal dome array

If you need more information, please contact us or see our FAQs.

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Tactile or Non-Tactile, That is the Question

Tactile, tactile feel, or tactile feedback is a touch sensation developed or added to enhance the user experience. Tactile sensations in touch sensors are often referred to as haptic feedback. Here we will be focusing specifically on membrane switches and why someone may (or may not) choose to include tactile domes飞艇计划5码计划 to their interface.

metal domes

飞艇计划5码计划metal domes

Tactile feedback is known for its ability to enhance the user experience – that crisp snap feel you get when you push a button! This helps the user to confidently know the button is pushed, and is typically achieved through metal domes or formed polyester domes.

User experience is vital, why would anyone choose a non-tactile design for their application? there are actually a number of reasons. A membrane switch without tactile feedback is also known as a “flat switch”; you’ve seen flat switches everywhere, microwaves, gas stations, hot tubs, etc. For applications with extremely high usage, a flat switch lengthens the life – typically they can last 40-50 million cycles (aka how many times the button can be pushed before the circuit begins to fail). A switch with tactile, the life span is reduced to about 1 million cycles.

high temperature applications are better suited with a flat switch for two reasons:

  1. metal domes could be hot to the touch and the graphic overlay would not diffuse the heat;
  2. polyester domes would lose their shape and fall flat.

If the end user is wearing gloves, the crisp snap of a tactile dome might not even be felt, thus leaving the feature unappreciated. Lastly, metal domes, and the added layers and assembly steps would increase the cost of the membrane switch.

tactile & non-tactile

飞艇计划5码计划tactile & non-tactile

If you have any other queries about tactile metal dome or non-tactile metal dome, call us anytime, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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